Howard Crabtree's When Pigs Fly
Masquerade Theatre, Houston

Brandon Matthews, Gregory Guy Gorden (as Howard),
Craig Stephens,  Matthew George, & Robert Kislin

"Greg Gorden makes an engaging Howard, with
childlike enthusiasm and a pleasant voice."
The Houston Chronicle

"Gorden has a boyish look and a musical theatre
nasality that Ethel Merman would approve of."
The Texas Triangle

"Gorden is a sincere and darling Howard, singing
plaintively about his ambition dressed first as a
cowboy, and later as all manners of men, women,
and bizarre objects.  His best number is as an S &
M dancer in the song, “Shaft of Love” which refers to
an arrow that’s been jabbed through his codpiece
and the number is absolutely, screamingly funny."
Houston’s Other

Matthew George, Craig Stephens, Gregory Guy Gorden
& Brandon Matthews

Brandon Matthews, Craig Stephens, Matthew George
& Gregory Guy Gorden

Brandon Matthews and Gregory Guy Gorden
(as the centaur's ass)