Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy
New York Musical Theatre Festival 2006

Brian Barry, Enrique Cruz DeJesus, Gregory Guy Gorden,
Lauren Lebowitz and Kathy Deitch

"...boasts colorfully quirky characters, upbeat songs, a cute story
and a winning sense of humor."

"...makes no bones about its silly, zany attitude ....
creators have imbued it with the feel of an old-fashioned comic book
adventure with lots of goofy jokes."

Captain Gravy (Gregory Guy Gorden) and
Mama (Reggan Holland)

Edward M. Barker, Kathy Deitch, Gregory Guy Gorden,
Kenny Wade Marshall, and Brian Barry

Enrique Cruz DeJesus, Lauren Lebowitz, Kathy Deitch,
Gregory Guy Gorden, & James Edward Becton