Here's an episode of a very funny web series SPEED THERAPY by the brilliant Kate Bergeron. Check it out and give it a like/subscribe!

Scenes from
The Tasting Room
Mockumentary style workplace comedy pilot presentation, in the vein of "Party Down" and "Parks and Rec." Takes place at a California winery.
Creator: Betsy Bagg, Directors: Nathan Moore/ Anna Mastro (Gossip Girl)

Scenes from Bella Nubela: The WalMart Bride (web series pilot episode).
A story about a bridal boutique... But you'll soon find out it's not your typical bridal expedition.
Creator: Areti Athanasopoulos, Director: Katrina Munday

Scenes from Sandcastles: A Mocumentary
A mostly-improvised short film in the style of Best in Show.
A budding documentarian follows the major players in the (fictional) Greater Los Angeles Sandcastle Showcase.
Director: Mitch Golden (USC)

Scenes from Hunter4Love
A fast-paced comedy about a gay man desperately seeking true love in New York City.
Director: Robert Camina


Clip from SKIT SLAYERS - Episode 013 - Taco Lady
(written and directed by Padraic Duffy)
This lady has one thing on her mind.
SERIAL KILLERS, 5 shows enter, 3 shows leave, and YOU decide who is cast into the abyss and who returns to present another evening's entertainment. The fun begins Saturday nights at 11 PM at Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood.

Clip from Pageant Masters - Ep. 1: Little Miss Rainbow
(from Serial Killers at Sacred Fools Theater.
Recommended by L.A. Weekly! A “medley of hysterical chaos!” -