China: The Whole Enchilada!

China Postcard
I'm thrilled to announce that I have been cast in Sacred Fools Theater Company's upcoming production of CHINA: THE WHOLE ENCHILADA! I can't wait to work with this amazing group of people. My ridiculously talented castmates are Gina Torrecilla and Andi Dema. The rock star creative team includes director Allison Bibicoff, producer Brian Wallis, as well as the writers of the show: Mark Brown and Paul Mirkovich (musical director for The Voice! & Cher). It's gonna be an absolute blast!

FEB 4 - MARCH 12, 2014
Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ 8pm

WEST COAST PREMIERE! Ni Hao, amigos. Straight from being named Outstanding Musical at the New York International Fringe Festival, China is three white guys irreverently singing, dancing, and hysterically marching their way through five thousand occasionally misconstrued years of Chinese history in 90 minutes. One guy loves China, one is paranoid that China is going to overthrow the world at any minute, and the third keeps getting China confused with Japan. From the Han Dynasty to Han Solo... from Genghis Khan to Ricardo Montalban... remember, you can’t spell "Enchilada" without C.H.I.N.A.

How To Be Hot

I got to shoot another episode of a funny web series today. "How To Be Hot" was created by several of my classmates at Actors Comedy Studio. This episode was written by Kate Bergeron (from Speed Therapy) and I got to play the priest at her quaint outdoor wedding. Wackiness ensues.


Speed Therapy

I had a fun day of filming an episode of a funny new web series "Speed Therapy" with my hilarious friend Kate Bergeron. Check Kate out in The Most Underrated Joys of Being Single which has over 2 million views on YouTube! Here's an on-set shot of us challenging each other to a hot dog eating competition.


Actors Comedy Studio Showcase

Pasted Graphic 3

Last night I participated in a cramazing (crazy-amazing) comedy showcase for a sold-out crowd of casting & industry bigwigs at Actors Comedy Studio. Huge shout-out to my hilarious scene partner Elaine Mani Lee and our awesome instructor Todd Rohrbacher! And the after-party at the penthouse and roof-top pool formerly owned by Liberace was fittingly over-the-top!

Pasted Graphic 1Pasted Graphic 4

LIVE! From the Last Night of my Life

Live! Slurpee postcard
Happy to announce that I've been cast as an understudy in
LIVE! FROM THE LAST NIGHT OF MY LIFE at Sacred Fools Theater Company.
Opening Nov. 15, 2013
I will be performing in LIVE! Friday Dec. 6th and Saturday Dec. 7th at 8:00 PM.
by Wayne Rawley
directed by JJ Mayes

LOS ANGELES PREMIERE! It’s going to be a long graveyard shift at the Gas and Get - the longest, in fact, of counter employee Doug Sample’s life, because it will also be his last. This night at a convenience store goes from deeply thoughtful conversations with a nonexistent God to solid gold dancing. Will Doug’s revelation that life is indeed glorious come in time to save him?

1000 Fans on Facebook!

I can't believe I have reached over 1000 fans on my facebook page. Thank you to each and every one of you! If you haven't yet joined the party, gimme a "like" and check it out!


Best of Fringe Award & Extension

Housekeepers Extension - cover photo
Critics love The Real Housekeepers!

Charles McNulty of the LA Times calls it a “bite-sized musical candy bar.”
Ellen Dostal of Broadway World LA says "I had so much fun I’d definitely see it again.”
Steven Stanley of Stage Scene LA says it is “a sixty-minute-musical gem” with a “clever, funny book” and “catchy tunes.”

Best of Fringe Extension
Real Housekeepers is back with a vengeance every Friday and Saturday for the rest of July! 8PM at Theatre Asylum.

Click here for tickets and more info.

The Real Housekeepers of Studio City

Real Housekeepers Cover photo
An original one-act musical
Book and Lyrics by Heidi Powers & Tom Moore
Music by Joe Greene
In a fantasy version of Studio City where all television characters live, a family’s Craigslist ad draws famous maids from sitcoms past and present. This original one-act musical is guaranteed to make you tap your toes… and tap into your retro TV nostalgia!

Here's the TRAILER for The Real Housekeepers of Studio City.

Me as Lurch - B&W
Click here for tickets and more info.

FYI: I am the male swing and playing Lurch at the following performances:
June 10th, 14th, 15th, 21st. — at Theatre Asylum.

Read a first-person perspective on the show's development from our writer Heidi Powers on LA Stage Times.

Forever (a parody of the novel by Judy Blume)


Forever: An end of innocence
parody of the novel by Judy Blume

Fondue, eight-tracks, and gettin' groovy!

Written by Gerald McClanahan
Directed by Kiff Scholl

Produced by Brandon Clark and The Magnum Opus Players

Playing Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM
March 8th thru April 13

Actors Circle Theater
7313 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Tickets $15
Info and online sales @

(323) 380-0649

It's 1975!
Patty Hearst is shooting up banks! The Jeffersons are movin' on up! Roe v Wade is the law of the land...and children's author Judy Blume writes her first 'Adult' novel: FOREVER

High School seniors Michael and Katherine share a perfect love that will last for all time. Michael's best friend Artie is also in love ...with Michael. Erica is in love with Artie, Sybil loves everybody and Jamie's dad loves her 'rug'.

As they fumble towards the ecstasy of going all the way for the first time, they learn that key parties, suicide, and heroin fueled ski weekends can never stand in the way of a love that will last... Forever!

Named as one of the ten most banned library books, and set amidst the innocence of white flight suburbia, this parody of a controversial masterpiece brings Judy Blume's story of first time love to its logical, debauched-'70s conclusion.

Oh, and by the way, it's one of the filthiest, smuttiest, teen novels ever published.

Marianne Davis....................................Katherine
Jonas Dickson.........................................Michael
Sheila Karls................................................Jamie
Marty Yu.......................................................Artie
Julia Carpenter............................................Erica
Dana DeRuyck............................................Sybil
Jennifer Kenyon.........................Diana Danziger
Joel Scher........................Roger Danziger, Foxy
Gregory Guy Gorden.........Mr. Hailey, Ike, Theo


Tonight was the first rehearsal of an amazing show I am helping to produce at Sacred FoolsNeverwhere. The play is written by Robert Kauzlaric, adapted from the novel by Neil Gaiman, and being directed by Scott Leggett. I've been a fan of this novel for years and to be working on this show with this dream team is simply incredible. The cast is a bunch of freaking rock stars! And every time Neil Gaiman tweets about our production to his millions of followers… I have a little nerdgasm. More info to come… but here are the details:

April 5 - May 11, 2013 Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm Sundays @ 7pm
Tickets: $25 Ticket sales coming March 15

When Richard Mayhew stops to care for an injured girl on the street, he is drawn into a nightmare shadow world beneath the city of London. To return to his normal life, Richard must brave countless trials, uncover the truth behind a dark conspiracy, and face the indomitable Great Beast. Journey to London Below with a rogues’ gallery of liars, outcasts and assassins, on a treacherous voyage to awaken the hero within.

Gregory Guy Gorden (producer) & Neil Gaiman (author)

Read "In Between the Warp and Weft, or, A Sublime Monstrosity" - set designer Michael Schneider's blog post about his inspirations for the Neverwhere set

Follow our adventure on tumblr, twitter, and facebook.

Michael Holmes as Richard Mayhew
Paula Rhodes as Door
Ezra Buzzington as Croup
Bryan Krasner as Vandemar
Cassandra Vincent as Jessica
Marz Richards as Old Bailey/Earl
Jonathan Kells Phillips as Marquis de Carabas
Carlos Larkin as Islington
Devereau Chumrau as Hunter
Julia Griswold & Donnelle Fuller as Puppeteers/Ensemble

Bryan Bellomo as Richard Mayhew
Alejandra Bursik-Cervantes as Door
Guy Picot as Croup
Scot Shamblin as Vandemar
Shaela Cook as Jessica
Mike Mahaffey as Old Bailey/Earl
Bob Simpson as Marquis de Carabas
Joshua Benton as Islington
Sondra Mayer as Hunter

Producer - Scott Leggett, David Mayes, Monica Greene, Marz Richards, Michael Holmes, Henry Dittman & Gregory Guy Gorden
Assistant Director - Natasha Norman
Stage Manager - Suze Campagna
Original Score - Ryan Johnson
Set Design - Michael Schneider
Sound Design - Mark McClain Wilson
Light Design - Matt Richter
Costume Design - Martin Morse
Prop Design - Justina Sexton, Cari Kenny & Kathy Bell Denton
Projection Design - Ben Rock & Anthony Backman
Puppet Design - Aaron Francis & Ted Blegen
Promotional Photography - Shaela Cook
Show Photography - Jessica Sherman Photography
Fight Choreography - Andrew Amani
Graphic Design - Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin