"Bollywood & Vine" returns for Episode 3


Serial Killers - "Bollywood & Vine"


Jeff Sumner as Bindi Dundat

Gregory plays a fun role in Jeff Sumner's
Serial Killer this week. Bindi Dundat returns in Sacred Fools late night funfest - "Serial Killers" in "Bollywood and Vine" - Episode One - "Escape to America"! The time is 1945 in Bombay. Bindi, a cabaret singer at the Curry Club, is warned by a mysterious stranger that her life is in danger and is being pursued by Nazis for a secret power she doesn't know she has. Will she escape? But more importantly...will she do a musical number? You'll have to come on Saturday November 12th to find out.

CarnEvil extended!

Due to sell-out houses, CarnEvil has been EXTENDED through the end of October!

STEP RIGHT UP! Gregory will be performing as an understudy in CarnEvil: A Gothic Horror Rock Musical World Premiere on Saturday October 8 at Sacred Fools Theater Company.

img_1039 Getting final touches applied by David Haverty backstage at CarnEvil.

EXTENDED through OCTOBER 29, 2011!
Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm
Tickets - $25
Click Here to Purchase Tickets Online 

Our new promo trailer featuring bi-sexual siamese twins, fire eaters, magic, gator wrestlers. babes and carnies galore...
"...both unsettling and highly addictive at the same time... bold, audacious work... One can already see that a cult following is imminent."
-Musicals in L.A. 

"...delightful little surprises... a whirlwind pace..." 
-Creepy Los Angeles 

"Incestuous Siamese twins & dancing meat marionettes! Had a great time at (the star of PG Porn: Squeal Happy Whores) Joe Fria's CarnEvil last night. If you're in L.A., check it out." 
-writer/director James Gunn

Sacred Fools
660 N. Heloptrope Dr., LA, CA 90004 

2011 Ovation Award Nominees

Congrats to all the Ovation Award nominees, including nine for my company, Sacred Fools! WATSON: Joe Fria (lead), French Stewart (featured), Henry Dittman (featured) and Jaime Robledo (director); VOICE LESSONS: French Stewart (lead), Laurie Metcalf (lead), the ensemble, and the production; ENDGAME: Tifanie McQueen (costumes)!

Broadwayworld.com Article about CarnEvil

Check out a great article about the New Musical OPENING this FRIDAY! Here is Michael Teoli's (composer) interview with BroadwayWorld.com. Michael Teoli Fuses Genres in CARNEVIL: A Gothic Horror Rock Musical

World Premiere of Billy Clift’s I Want to Get Married at Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is pleased to announce the 2011 Screening Schedule. The Festival, which opens on Thursday, September 22nd with the World Premiere of Writer/Director Billy Clift’s I WANT TO GET MARRIED, continues through Sunday, September 25th, 2011. For the second year, ticket sales will benefit both the Palm Springs Cultural Center, and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

“This year’s schedule includes twelve feature films (including two World Premieres), and four short film selections.” said Michael C. Green, Festival spokesperson. All Access Passes, which are already on sale at Camelot Theatres, include entrance into all the screenings, Q&As with writer/directors and cast members, and entrance into all four of our special after parties.”

Thursday, September 22nd, Opening Night:
Feature: World Premiere of Billy Clift’s I Want to Get Married - It’s the week before California’s historic 2008 election. Prop. 8 is on the ballot, and Paul’s life is falling apart. His mother has left his father, his father is lost in the desert, his new advertising client may just turn out to be a major proponent of Prop 8, and Paul desperately wants to get married. Trouble is, with only a week to go before the big election, Paul hasn’t even got a boyfriend.

LA Small Theater — Weird Little Pirate Ships

A must-read article about LA Small Theater by fellow Fool and sometimes pirate, French Stewart Arrrgh! If you haven't yet, go see "Watson" at the Sacred Fools Theater.
French Stewart as Sigmund Freud in "Watson" at Sacred Fools

LA Small Theater — Weird Little Pirate Ships | LA STAGE TIMES
About 25 years ago I did my first play in L.A., in a stinky dump called Galaxy Stage near Western and Santa Monica. We were required to clean toilets, mop the floor and not ask questions about money. At night they used our set to film porn, and on your way out of the theater, a certain “pant-less g...


CarnEvil Fall 2011 image
Greg has been cast as an understudy in CarnEvil at Sacred Fools. Opens September 16.

An Original Gothic Horror Rock Musical
book by Joe Fria with Michael Teoli
lyrics by Joe Fria and Michael Teoli
music by Michael Teoli
direction & choreography by Janet Roston

WORLD PREMIERE! A young man with a dark and troubled past returns to his family's carnival after a long absence only to find the business in shambles. In an attempt to redeem himself, he vows to help his cousin bring the carnival back to life. But when his efforts fail, he is thrust into the darkness he tried to leave behind and makes the desperate decision to bring a peculiar stranger into the mix. Success follows, but at a high price. An unspeakable horror is released and our hero must face unholy truths and long-kept secrets about himself and his family in order to save everything he cares about from complete and utter destruction.

"...both unsettling and highly addictive at the same time... bold, audacious work... One can already see that a cult following is imminent." -Musicals in L.A.

"...delightful little surprises... a whirlwind pace..." -Creepy Los Angeles

Update: Gregory will be performing as an understudy in CarnEvil on October 8. Click here for tickets.


Here's is the first TRAILER for I WANT TO GET MARRIED!!!

I WANT TO GET MARRIED is a poignant and sweet silly comedy about a gay nerd who has never focused on having a relationship.

8/10/11 UPDATE: I WANT TO GET MARRIED... is signing with BREAKING GLASS FILMS for North America Distribution. Release could be as soon as this Christmas!

Sacred Fools named Favorite Veteran Theater Company by Backstage

Sacred Fools, the theater company I call home just got voted Favorite Veteran Theater Company in Los Angeles by Backstage. Hooray! Here is the article:


Favorite Veteran Theater Company (Los Angeles) Sacred Fools Theater Company
June 29, 2011

Among L.A.'s most daring and respected companies, Sacred Fools was formed 14 years ago, when current board member John Sylvain gathered a handful of friends in his living room to brainstorm. Managing director Padraic Duffy, who has worked with Center Theatre Group and the Geffen Playhouse, has been involved with Sacred Fools since 1999. "When I started to get to know the Equity-waiver scene in town, I soon discovered that Sacred Fools was a great fit for me," says Duffy.

The company has staged about 80 mainstage productions, but, adds Duffy, "If you include late-night, off-night, and workshops, that number balloons to close to 400." The non-dues-paying membership currently numbers almost 100, representing all theatrical disciplines.

Of the company's artistic charter, Duffy says: "We are definitely eclectic and adventurous. We tend to do work that reflects our name—being delightfully foolish, while never letting go of what is magical and sacred about theater. Although not limited to it, we value original work and try to foster our members in their artistic development. It's through experimentation and practice that one can discover and hone one's skills. The company is growing, both in membership and as an organization, and this seems to be reflected in the consistent work we have been doing."

Back Stage reader and actor Vivian Kerr, who appeared in "Madness in Valencia" at Sacred Fools two years ago, is also a fan. She praises the company's "consistently high production values," saying, "I try to see every mainstage show at the Fools."

Sacred Fools Theater Company, 660 N. Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90004; (310) 281-8337; www.sacredfools.org

IWTGM Headed For Film Festivals

I WANT TO GET MARRIED is now getting into some upcoming film festivals. Check out the film's facebook page to find out about screenings near you!

I Want To Get Married - screen shot
Matthew Montgomery, Gregory Guy Gorden, Mark Chambers, Curt Bonnem, and Emrhys Cooper

I WANT TO GET MARRIED is a poignant and sweet silly comedy about a gay nerd who has never focused on having a relationship.

Serial Killers - Playoffs

Come check out Serial Killers at Sacred Fools Theater Company.
A "medley of hysterical chaos!" -SoCal.com Read the Reviews!

Greg is lucky enough to be cast in all four of the final four serials on June 18 and 25:

written & directed by Padraic Duffy
Every child is a winner... with a little training!

written by Christopher Curtis & directed by Christopher Comeau
...that will change the world forever.

written & directed by Scott Leggett
Sometimes families are weird... and British.

written & directed by Jenelle Riley
The title says it all.

Week 6: June 25 (2 Plays Enter, 1 Wins!)
The final two survivors get to complete their storylines, and compete for the $750 cash prize!

Disharm0ny.com - Film Shoot

Greg was cast as Gale in the USC grad film, Disharm0ny.com. The film involves a fictional website that offers a system to find your arch-enemy. When you need to fight someone to relieve your stress, don't take it out on your friends and family- just find your nemesis and start fighting today!

Lesly Kahn

Greg recently completed two months of kick-ass classes with Lesly Kahn. Lesly's Comedy Intensive and Acting Clinic were exhausting, time-consuming, and completely inspiring. Dare to suck!