New York Musical Theatre Festival

Greg has been cast in a series of NYMF Micro-Musicals as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival 2007.  These three minute-long musical appetizers are bookended by the typical pre-show curtain speech, bursting "spontaneously" out of expected announcements about cell phones and candy wrappers. The MicroMusicals ensemble is seated undetectably among regular NYMF patrons.  No announcement will be made as to what shows the MicroMusicals will be performed at, making them a surprising and exclusive bonus for audience members lucky enough to be present at one of them.

Gossip Girl

Greg is spending the fall working as a stand-in for Penn Badgley (character of Dan Humphrey) on the new CW show, Gossip Girl.  The cast and crew are all amazing and the show is a great guilty pleasure.  He's getting to work with some of the best directors, A.D.s, and D.P.s in the business.  

Synecdoche, NY

Greg has been cast as a featured background actor in Charlie Kaufman's new film, Synecdoche, New York starring Philip Seymour Hoffman.  He plays one of the ensemble cast members that spends over 25 years inside a warehouse/theater performing mundane tasks (in Greg’s case, being a waiter) in a mock-version of New York.  Like most of Kaufman's films, this one is bizarre but inspired.